Explorer Tours

Our "Explorer Tours" define a different kind of travel and fall into the category "self-drive tours". Enya (Africa Adventure Travel) accompanies (not guides!) these expedition style "Explorer Tours" which take us to the most remote areas of southern Africa.

Our "Explorer Tours" are NOT guided tours, so there is NO tour guide, NO butler service and NO "all inclusive"! In plain language - you travel at YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY, you drive YOURSELF, you build your camp YOURSELF and you cook your food YOURSELF.

Why you should book an "Explorer Tour" with Africa Adventure Travel?

One of the main reasons to join our "Explorer Tour" is certainly the number of off-road vehicles and the safety offered by a small group of like-minded people. A flat tire, a broken axle or a car stuck in sand or mud are certainly no reason to worry about survival in the densely populated areas of Europe or Northern America. In the vastness of the African wilderness it is however, better and often inevitable not to travel alone.

Enya and other Africa Adventure team members who accompany these trips are passionate about Africa and share their experiences and knowledge of this unique continent, enabling those who would like to travel as "Explorers" to gather new and exciting experiences and to make dreams come true.

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