Africa Adventure Travel Team

You really like to have an amazing holiday in southern Africa that will remain unforgettable forever?

The Africa Adventure Travel Team offers you dedicated personal service, expert travel advice as well as individual and thought-through travel itineraries.

You and your personal travel experience are the centre stage of the travel experience and all our suggested travel itineraries can be individually supplemented or re-designed according to your requirements. Since your well-being and safety are important to us, we only book what we have experienced first-hand yourself.

You will receive a travel guide tailored to your trip before departure with detailed information about your itinerary, the accommodations booked for you as well as all the attractions and activities you should not miss. In addition, we provide you, along with your travel documents, a South African hotline service number, which is available to you daily from 8:00-20:00.

Experience Southern Africa in a breathtaking way, fall in love with this region and return here again and again.

Enya - Africa Adventure Travel

Enya - Management

Born and raised in Germany, I developed a deep fascination for Africa already as child because of the popular African wildlife show of Bernhard Grzimek, which was broad-casted during the 70ties on German TV.

After I emigrated from Germany to Cape Town in 1995 I spent the first 2 years exploring every corner of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe in my 32-year-old Land Rover. My travels brought me deep inside the endless deserts of Namibia, into the wilderness areas of the Okavango Delta and the Chobe National Park in Botswana and to the spectacular Victoria Falls. Adventure is in my blood, so I bungee jumped from the bridge over the Zambezi and tackled the white waters of this wild river more than once.

In between my travels to remote places I became a scuba diving instructor and opened a dive travel operation in Cape Town. My clientele, mostly German, demanded thrilling underwater experiences and my dive tours went all the way from Cape Town to Mozambique.

In early 1998 I launched the first German-language Internet portal for adventure travel in Southern Africa soon followed by its English counterpart and never lost my excitement for travelling Southern Africa. In 2005 Africa Adventure Travel was established as a tour company offering exciting self-drive tours, rare safari opportunities and our speciality - guided self drive tours (tag-along tours) - where I myself guide a group of adventure seeking, nature loving self-drive travellers to the most stunning locations in Southern Africa. At these tours I share my compassion for Africa with you and I am convinced that you will love this unique region as much as I do.

Wamukelekile! Welcome!

Andrea - Africa Adventure Travel

Andrea - Management

Creative thinking is my passion and as a graduate graphic designer it became clear to me already during my studies that Germany is my home but that my life must take place somewhere else.

In 1997, I had my first professional contact with Africa Adventure (CI design and Internet presence) by chance and in mid-1998, when I got the offer to support the Africa Adventure team in South Africa as managing director, I could not resist the call of the wild.
Since then, I have explored the countries of southern Africa on countless journeys and it keeps giving me tremendous joy to go on travelling on my own and share my experiences with others.

I am looking forward to your visit.